Hi, I hope you find this area interesting and helpful. 

Here you will find tips to help you get the best results for decorating your items.

If you need anything adding, you need any help or really just want to ask a question - or even complain! Then please, just let me know and I will do my best to help.


Like a logo, but dont like it on the front (back, whatever!), no problem.

Select the T, then choose "customise this product".
It will automatically go to the logo bit. just to the top left of it, is COPY.
Select that, then go to the front view and select Paste (up top left again).
Back to the Back view, bottom right, click on the X to delete it. Now its on the front!
Hope that helps, you can do it with most things, its pretty clever really :)


If you see a design you like - you are not stuck with that product or colour! Choose it, then you have the option to edit the product using "Customise this product". Then you can change not only the colour or move the design around - you can actually change the product using (surprisingly!) "Change product" at the top right . Dont like it on a T-shirt? Hey, just change the product to a hat, sweatshirt, polo...whatever you like :)


Firstly and most importantly, ensure your artwork is high resolution, that is, preferably over 300dpi! We do accept files as low as 150dpi but for best results 300dpi or higher is essential. Please be aware, the final print result will only be as good as the artwork you provide.

If you've downloaded an image or logo from the internet or a website it's highly likely that it's low res (usually around 96dpi or lower) These images will give poor quality prints and are not recommended. Our designer App will warn you if the quality of the image is below our threshold, you'll need to agree to the disclaimer shown at the time of upload in order to proceed.


When creating your own logo/picure/whatever, some quick important rules to follow and remember:

1.    Gradients from a colour fading out to nothing on dark tees are VERY hard to render.

2.    Very fine type using white ink on dark tees can also be tricky.

3.    Very large block areas of a single colour should be avoided.


What graphics software do I need?

You can use any graphics software that supports PNG* files. We recommend Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (which is free but a bit less user friendly).

Other popular graphics programs which support the PNG format include Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Photo-Paint, Pixelmator, Inkscape (another free one), Paint Shop Pro, Pixel image editor, Paint.NET and Xara. We have also found some super helpful tutorials online either on blogs or Youtube. 

*Why a PNG File?

We ask for  designs to be uploaded as PNG files(although it can accept others). This is because PNG files are the smallest file size you can use with transparency (i.e. – your transparent background), and results in quicker, easier uploads. (More about transparent backgrounds later!)


Creating transparent backgrounds allows you to see the colour of the item around and/or through your object/logo/picture..and so on! NOTE: A white background is NOT transparant . If you see it in the background of your design once you've upload it this will be printed!

A quick lesson can be found on doing it with Photoshop...here:


Give it a try, best way to learn!